Mark Sanchez Voted To Madden 2013 Cover By Jets’ Fans Hoping For Curse [Daily News Brief]

New York, NY – Wednesday
By Joshua Mauldin

A last-minute grassroots movement by New York Jets’ fans awarded Mark Sanchez the cover of popular NFL video game Madden 2013. Until this morning, Barry Sanders and Adrian Peterson were battling for the honor but Jets’ fans flooded the voting system with an unprecedented wave of support for their maligned quarterback.

Etrick Sims, devoted fan and organizer of the coup, noted it wasn’t hard to garner the needed support. “Even I was in favor of giving the guy a break, but the [expletive deleted] Buttfumble…Jesus Christ. Since management doesn’t seem interested in replacing him, we had to take drastic measures.”

Drastic measures in this case comes in the form of invoking what’s come to be known as “The Madden Curse.” For different reasons, since the mid-2000′s, many of the recipients of the Madden cover have suffered either a serious injury or a let-down the following season. “We don’t wish any serious harm on the guy, just a nagging sprain or a light fracture, something like that.”

Image Credit: NY Daily News