Missy Kulik Has Your Perfect Valentine Present [One More Thing Before We Go]

Not only does Missy provide us with a super-cute Dork Lifestyle web comic every month, but guy readers, she also has the perfect Valentine’s Day for your sweetie. Click here or on any of the pics below to buy one of these $24 vintage Loved Letter Envelope lockets from her Sugar Cookie Shoppe. 

From Missy: 

“I took the wind from the sea
I took the blood from an arrow
I took the wisdom of spring”

These are lyrics to my favorite song by the singer Laura Marling. This song was the inspiration for my Loved Letter Envelope Locket.

My Loved Letter Envelope Locket is made from a vintage envelope charm. Tucked away inside this charm is a miniature original drawing of an arrow on one side, and a heart on the other. This is drawn on heavy watercolor paper that is dyed with tea to give it a weathered look. Each charm is unique, so expect variations on the envelope locket, as it has a lovely copper patina.

The envelope locket measures about 1 inch wide and about .75 inches tall when closed. The envelope is attached to a chain that is 18 inches in length and has a lobster claw clasp closure.