Modern Love Week: Philosophical Monday: Is It Hard To Say “I Love You”

Photo By Timothy K. Hamilton
Photo By Timothy K. Hamilton

So the last thing I ever said to my mother is, “Love you, mom.” This detail of our last conversation has brought me amazing comfort over the past 13 years, and now I try not to hang up from conversations with my family members, husband and best friend without saying some variation of “I love you” — even if I’m really mad. Mostly b/c I do love them, but also just in case.

Of course, it’s not just my BFF that I love among my circle of friends, but that’s where it gets a little awkward. It’s really hard to say “Love you” when you get off the phone with your friends, b/c it makes things kind of weird. I tend to feel like I’ve surprised said friend or forced them to say “Love you, too” out of politeness, rather than real affection.

I find it much easier to sign off my emails with “Love, Ernessa.” That way if any of the friends I love (God super-forbid) passes unexpectedly, then at least I’ll know that the last words I wrote to them were ones of love. It’s not quite as good as saying it maybe, but it does the trick. And I’ve been pleasantly surprised about how many of my friends have now made it a habit to sign off with love when they return my emails.

How about you guys? How do you guys handle professions of love? Do you have a family members only policy? And do you, like me, find it easier to tell friends that you love them in writing rather than in person? Let us know in the comments.