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Modern Love Week: Wow! It’s Wednesday! Things We Save From The Fire

houseonfireSo last week Amy Robinson from “Tall Drink of Nerd” mentioned  that if a fire broke out in her abode, she would grab her kitties and her laptop and rush out the door.

This got me to thinking about two things:

1) In my current pregnant condition, how would I manage to wrangle our cats, who don’t come when called and don’t like to be picked up? I can only hope that I never have to figure this out.


2) What material things do I love enough to take with me in a fire? I came up with three.

Let me preface this list with a conversation that I had with a friend while in college.

Lanisha (in reference to me using my floor for clothes as most women at Smith used their closets): If you love your shit, you take care of it.

etc (full of anti-materialism fervor): I don’t love my things, Lanisha. They’re just things. I reserve my love for people.

Fast forward, 11 years later, and I do realize that there are at least 3 things in my life that I would be willing to risk third-degree burns for:

1. My Purse: It contains my wallet, which will come in handy when I have to replace all the things I lost in the fire. And it also contains my Kindle, which will keep my mind occupied while I’m in a hotel room, waiting to hear back from our insurance people.

2. My laptop: I didn’t have a laptop (or any money) in college. That’s why I couldn’t fathom loving a material thing enough to take care of it. But like most writer’s, I would risk life and limb to save it from harm.

3. My iPhone: Communication is very important to me, and I’ve become woefully dependent of my iPhone, even though I’ve had it less than a year. Without my iPhone, how would I call all of my family and friends to let them know that I’ve been displace by a fire? Yes, yes, it’s definitely coming with me.

But what about you? What things do you love enough to save from a fire?