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MoneyMoneyMoney! [Ask Dr. Miro: What You Didn’t Learn In Health Class]

Dear Dr. Miro,

I’ve been dating a man for about 6 months and am very much in love with him. He’s sexy and handsome and treats me like a princess and my friends all like him too. The only thing is that we have very disparate incomes. I make about 3 times what he earns in monthly income. He never asks me for money, and isn’t a tightwad when we go out, but I worry about our future together. He spends money when he gets it – I’m a planner and saver. Do you have any advice on when is a good time in the relationship to talk about money? How can I address my concerns without sounding like a worry-wart?

Happy In Love Worry-Wart

Dear HILW-W,

How wonderful for you to have met this amazing gentleman! The question of money can be tricky. We are not often taught how to approach money matters and become uncomfortable when this topic is broached. A good time to talk about this is RIGHT NOW. If it is causing you worry, then he should know. Words of warning: do NOT bring this up during fore play, Sexy Time or post coital bliss out. (Although the above sounds like a no-brainer, you would be surprised!) While reminding him of how happy you are to be his, let your man know you are having these concerns about your economic future together. He may have been having some similar thoughts. Make sure to come from a place of love and confidence as opposed to insecure accusations of him not being a suitable provider. It is best to get it all out on the table instead of shoved beneath the rug where you will trip over it for years to come. This is all part of having grown up relationships. These difficult conversations can be incredibly rewarding in the long run and can even bring you closer together!

Lust & Happiness,
Dr. Miro

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