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My 2012 Gaming Resolutions [Gamer On]

It’s that time of year again where everyone gets a jump-start on the goals they’re going to accomplish as the new year arrives.  While other people are concerned with shedding a few pounds or finally getting around to cataloging their pristine collection of Star Wars Memorabilia, I’m only going to touch on my personal failings in gaming and how I hope to rectify them this year around with this handy top 5 list, so let’s get to it, shall we?

1. Find Every Last Riddler Trophy in BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY

First off, if you’re unfamiliar with this incredible game (or in some nigh-impossible way, Batman himself), check out this trailer:

If that doesn’t make you pop a giant nerd-boner then you’ve got some personal issues to work through. Not as bad as taking a bullet to the parents issues, but close.

Anyways, The Riddler is back again in this follow-up to the groundbreaking BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM and he’s again left all manner of riddles, trophies, and hostages to be rescued all over the city.  All in all there are over four hundred.  So far in the normal pace of gameplay and completing it I’ve only found bout 160. Yeesh! So, this is something I’m committed to solving in its entirety, just to prove that I, indeed, am better than The Riddler.

2. Finish MASS EFFECT 2

Previously on GeeksPodcast I’d dissected how much I enjoyed the original MASS EFFECT and the improvements the sequel made.  Generally speaking it’s got a tighter, more action-oriented feeling and drops a lot of the tediousness that could come with managing your squad in the first game.  As a very well-written and compelling sci-fi adventure from Bioware I definitely want to finish this, but more importantly I want to finish it before the third entry in the series comes out this March. One of the main reasons being that your character carries over from one game to the next so your version of Commander Shephard is a badass that spans multiple entries without getting reset to a generic hero each time around.

3. Break a 60,000 Point Gamerscore

Currently I’m sitting at 53,605 as my gamer score.  Now some of you are looking at that and are startled I ever stop play games, but on average that’s pretty low for someone who’s been playing on a fairly consistent basis since the 360′s 2005 launch.  I’ll admit 60K is a bit arbitrary, but then again so is a gamer score to begin with.  It’s just a personal thing I want to achieve even though I use the term ‘achieve’ very loosely.

4. Build an awesome LITTLE BIG PLANET Level

I’ve run around as Sackboy for months just having run throwing the little guy around and giggling like an idiot by making him smile in a similarly idiotic fashion over and over.  However, the sad truth is the game’s ‘levels’ are really just interactive showcases for the kind of things you can and should be creating.  For whatever reason I never got around to actually diving into what was the game’s most lauded feature- the ability to create.  So, in 2012 I want to make my own epic, sprawling Little Big Planet level complete with a story, interactive environment elements, and adorable, custom set pieces.

5. Learn how to Appreciate and Complete DIABLO 3

I grew up with my Dad constantly playing D1 and 2 with our friend, Chris and for whatever reason I just never got into it.  I think the constant click-to-drag method of moving your character through the environment never really gelled with me.  However, I recently signed up for the WORLD OF WARCRAFT annual pass which gets you a no-strings-attached free version of DIABLO 3 through your account.  Having watched my roommate tear through the beta over the past week it looks promising and I want to learn how to appreciate all that this classic dungeon crawler has to offer.

What about you?  What gaming resolutions are you looking to cut your teeth on in 2012?

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