My Best Birthday in Eight Years [Nerd in Transition] May19

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My Best Birthday in Eight Years [Nerd in Transition]

This past week I turned 33. As an actress living in LA announcing my age should be a big no-no, but there are certain insecurities I refuse to give in to. My age has never bothered me, it’s the recognition of the day that bothers me. My life is comprised of many a bad birthday party, or lack there of, I should say. As an adult I’ve gotten so cynical about my birthday that sometimes I let it go unnoticed. That was my plan for this year, that plan failed.

As May approached I thought only of this particular day when my Mother would bring it up. I decided to focus on my production and watch as the day slipped by unnoticed but for the Facebook birthday wishes. When my actress suddenly bailed on the show I took a step back to reevaluate the production. You will be pleased to know that I am going forward with the play, but have pushed the dates back to September. This decision left me with free time in May and no distraction from the impending birthday.

My first impluse was to lock the cottage down and go into full on hermit mode; buy myself a bag of weed, a cake , some ice cream and answer only my Mother’s phone call. I would of course respond on Facebook with the disingenuous mass “thank you” post regarding the disingenuous mass “Happy Birthday!” posts sure to flood in. My second impluse was to test all the work I have been putting into friendship the past year and see if anybody wanted to celebrate my life with me.

Starting small I sent out personal invites to a select group of people. In the past I have made the mistake of trying to force big parties with practically random mass invites, I am simply not popular enough to pull in large numbers. This small group of people have shown themselves to be patient when it comes to my large personality and often stubborn demeanor. Some have seen me go through 8 years of Los Angeles hell, others are more recent attendees to my carnival ride of a life. What they have all seen is a calmer, more agreeable, more enjoyable person come to light over the last year and it must have made an impact. While there were a few declines the majority made an effort to spend time with me for my birthday. Even the declines came with nothing but love and good wishes. I went into my birthday week with great optimism.

Thankfully that optimism was met full force with a great time. The week started with a rainbow of cards arriving in my mailbox from family across the country. It continued with breakfast with my most important friend and influence here in LA; a person who’s life is so demanding that face time with her is much more valuable than the freaking AWESOME brioche french toast I loaded up on. There was the obligatory birthday night at the bar where my glass was never empty. It was a good bar night too! Lots of laughs; big burgers; cold drinks; a crazy Russian barfly pressing up on my date and bringing unnecessary, but fun; drama; a broken glass; great rockabilly band and a ride home from a handsome man who gave me a present in private.

Saturday I found myself at the Richard Simmons workout being led by the man himself, at the end of the class even he gave me a little present. You should be jealous of my tiny little Richard Simmons doll jumping out of a bag wearing a tiny little happy birthday cone hat, but don’t be because I lost it at the bar later that night; some things are too awesome to last. Oh yeah after the Slimmons workout (yeah that’s what he calls it) there was more bar time! This time I gathered with new and newer friends at the Santa Monica pier where we drank, ate and flirted with anything that had two legs and a penis. Ok well I did, but I couldn’t help myself, I’m feeling so good about myself right now it’s like my confidence knob has been turned past 10 to 11.

And the thing is, I’m not done. There are still more people that want to get together with me this week and beyond! In fact there is even a Prince ticket with my name on it in honor of my birthday. Shit, in honor of my life. That feels great to say. In honor of my life people came together to celebrate. For a girl often lost in anger and depression it’s nice to know all this self improvement business is working.


featured image credit: Frozen Coffee