My Date with Captain Kirk [Tall Drink of Nerd] Jul25

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My Date with Captain Kirk [Tall Drink of Nerd]

Captain Kirk and I have a date tonight. We’re meeting at a cemetery in Hollywood a little after sunset. Picard, Janeway, Sisko and Archer will be joining us, along with Kirk-2.0 (Chris Pine) under the Milky Way and on top of dimmed stars, to raise our Romunlan Ale and celebrate The Captains, an Original Documentary produced and directed by William Shatner. Sure, Kirk will be about 30 feet tall, and our conversation will mostly be him monologuing, but for me, it will be a dream come true.

Thanks to infinite reruns, Kirk was my first nerd crush. Long before Dr. Who or Prince, Captain Kirk strutted across my 20” TV screen and into my pre-teen heart. During my dateless teens, the cocky space traveler was my Midnight date on quiet Saturdays. Since my parent’s bedroom was only 20 feet from the TV, the volume would be almost inaudible. Kirk’s swagger shouted over the whispering crew, loudly powerful and not so subtly sexual. Before I even knew what ‘sexy’ meant, I knew that Kirk embodied it. I would pretend to be the green painted alien or Yeoman Rand, bewildered at the power the Captain held over me. Resistance was futile, long before the Borg came into the picture.

Each Captain who came after Kirk had their own, whole different kind of sexy. But none quite equaled Bill Shatner. I’ll admit to having a nerdy-fit before I saw J.J. Abrams’ reboot of the Star Trek legend. He was re-writing how Kirk and Spock met, he was using this pretty Hollywood actor who said he was happy to be in “Star Wars” during an interview. Clearly J.J. didn’t understand the love of the geeks! Of course I took all that back when I actually saw the movie. I thought it was brilliant and Chris Pine acquitted himself really well. Plus, there was a joke about the red-shirt crewmember and a lot of lens flare.  Nice job, Abrams.

As luck would have it, I fell in love with a man who knew more about Star Trek than I did. We had to go to all the new Trek movies on the first weekend they were released in theatres. For Generations, that meant heading, right from his hospital stay, where he had been discharged after 3 days with pneumonia, to the local multi-plex in downtown Chicago. Love that man! I locked that down a long, long time ago (in this galaxy.) He’s almost as in love with Shatner as I am.

I didn’t make it to Comic-Con this year, so I’m getting my geek fix tonight at this documentary screening in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. We’ll be watching ‘Bill’ interview other Enterprise captains and leading cameramen on Trek fests around the globe. I’m looking forward to seeing his response to the guy calling him “Captain Spock” shown in the trailer below. Head to EpixHD to view a different trailer, details on tonight’s screening and be sure to check out ‘The Long Khan’.

Share your dreamy Sci-Fi crush with me in comments!

If you live in Los Angeles and want to join in The Captains phenomenon, join us at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery on Monday, July 25 at 7:00 p.m. See details here.

featured image credit: x-ray delta one

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