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Nerdy Father’s Day T-shirts Are the New Father’s Day Tie [Nerdy Ish We Found on Etsy]

Father’s Day is only two weeks away, so get thee to an Etsy store right away!

Until they get old enough to say otherwise, my girls love giving their dad nerdy T-shirts on Father’s Day. Here are some of my–I mean their faves.

If you want to buy any of these t-shirts, which range from $18-$35, just ¬†go to the Nerdy Father’s Day T-shirts treasury list we created at Etsy.

And yes, the first one is Lincoln shooting laser beams out of his eyes with a bear wearing a top hat on his back–because the universe just provides awesome like that.

lincoln 29 bucks

lion bicycle 23 bucks

stormtrooper 23 bucks

sharkbike robot raptor whale il_fullxfull.356715828_58rt dinosaur18 bucks