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NewlyNested: Addictive Addictions

My last three posts have been about television or lack of cable, since I recently cut it out of my life.  Now my mind can’t stop thinking about it.  At first my husband was the one that had a problem giving up on his favorite shows, but now I have come face to face with something I never thought I had: addiction.

Addiction is nothing new in my house.  Since I met my husband I have made fun of his addiction.  He can’t get enough of video games (good thing he works in the industry)   and almost every Saturday morning I hear him say “I’m jonesing for…”  fill in the blank with the newest release.  This addiction probably seems harmless, but in the beginning it was a bit of contention in our relationship.  Like any addiction we have now formed it into a part of our lives that has become so much of our routine that to think of it as addiction seems wrong.

Now I have come face to face with my addictions.  I always knew that without a morning cup of coffee I was a complete bitch, which was an addiction I was willing to face.  Like video games, my husband and I embraced coffee.  At first, before we were married he would sneak out in the morning and buy me a cup to be sweet and to only see my good side.   Then, as I’ve talked about before, we received a Nespresso machine.  Now coffee is something we both enjoy making and drinking together.  It’s a happy start to both of our days.

My  new addiction crept up on me and I wasn’t face to face with it until I shushed my husband for talking over my newfound obsession.  That addiction is Bravo TV. No, I still don’t have cable, but I have caught some things on hulu and other websites.  What I can’t watch anywhere but on the cable network is “Watch What Happens Live”, and that, more than anything is making me miss cable.  The Bravo addiction is not something I am proud of and it’s not something I want to embrace, however, I am not willing to work on giving it up.  I feel like a lot of what I try to do on a daily basis is self-improvement.  I read to become a better writer, I gave up TV to focus on writing, I cut down to 1 cup of coffee a day for my health, I introduced vitamins for my health, and I can go on and on (as I often do twice a month on FAN).  When does the self-improvement end and when do we just toss our hands up in the air and say, “This is an addiction I’m keeping in my life!”  If it were alcohol or drugs we wouldn’t say “no big deal.”  But think about it, I’m sure that other addictions are more prevalent in your life.  So fess up, what are you addicted to?

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