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NewlyNested: Bookshelves and Other Dilemmas

I always thought owning a house would mean I would have more space than I needed, but I guess like many things in life, it is human nature to want more.  I’ve only owned my townhouse 9 months and I already feel like it’s getting a little too crowded and that’s why I am examining what I really need and what can go.

First I donated a few bags of clothing to Goodwill, but sadly my closet barely looked like it was touched.  I thought about getting rid of everything except for two-weeks’ worth of clothes, but just couldn’t make that much of a leap, at least not yet.

The second item I own that is a big space hog is my collection of books.  As a writer, and a previous writing major, I have accumulated a large quantity of books that I refuse to let go.  In fact, my books are currently occupying half of my second bedroom in boxes that haven’t been touched in over two years.   If I haven’t touched them in two years doesn’t that mean that I don’t really need them?

Need is a really hard word to answer too.  I don’t need a lot of things that I love and enjoy having.  Books have always meant a lot to me.  The writer in me wants to have a huge bookshelf with all sorts of books that people in my house can grab and read at any time.  The physical book is something that I have always loved to have in my hands.  However recently I have been enjoying the convenience of the Kindle and I rarely ever buy non-digital books.  I’ve moved a lot in my life and the idea of just carrying along a Kindle instead of hundreds of pounds of books sounds a lot better to me now.

I haven’t actually set up my office yet; it is going to be where my books are currently stored.  Within the next couple of weeks I should have a desk and shelves built for me (thanks to my lovely husband).  Even though I’m ready to donate my books today, I’m wondering if I am going to regret it once I have an office set up.  However, being mobile is not new to me.  I have always preferred owning a laptop over a desktop so that my work is always portable and the Kindle could give me the same thing.  If I need to look something up in a book the Kindle could easily come with me to a coffee shop or on vacation.  Of course I would only rebuy the books that I know I’ll want to reread or look at the most.  Even though a part of me has held onto so many books, I’m sure when it’s time to decide what to buy for my kindle that I will easily chose to let a lot of them go.

I think I might be ready to take the leap.  What do you think—is it smart to make a digital bookcase or is it always better to have the real thing?

featured image credit: asleeponasunbeam