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NewlyNested: Cleaning Out the Ol’ Chakra

I have discussed before how I am constantly trying to do stuff to better my life, but where does bettering my body and soul come in?  For the last year I have been struggling with my post marriage weight gain (my mother warned me after my wedding to watch it because all brides gain 15lbs after their wedding).  After talking to my knee doctor, gynecologist, and acid reflex doctor the consensus was that I really should lose 20lbs.    About a year ago my gym tried to sell me the Isagenix cleanse.  Anything that tells me I can’t eat for two days (which is part of the Isagenix cleanse) is a no go in my book.  However, there have been some events that have now made me a believer in cleansing.

Recently I took a private pilates class with a friend and at the end the instructor practiced reflexology on us.   I had never experienced it before, but the instructor insisted that it would especially help me because I have chronic whiplash and therefore major tension.  It was then I discovered that reflexology isn’t nearly as soothing as it sounds; in fact it is the most painful therapy I have ever had. As I was wincing in pain the instructor insisted it was good for me and then at the end, panting in pain, he said, “your chakra is really clogged!”

I’m not sure I fully grasp what a chakra is, but I consulted my mother-in-law and she told me it’s not good if it’s clogged.  From my understanding our chakra is almost like our essence.  It’s our energy that flows through our body and soul.  Mine need an unclogging and apparently Benifiber wasn’t going to do the trick this time!

The same friend I took the pilates lesson with also had started to do the Isagenix cleanse a second time.  Once I saw how great she felt I decided to give it a try. I made it through the first few days, but then my husband ruptured his Achilles tendon and my mother-in-law came in to help me through his surgery.  The short story is that circumstances made it so it was better to stop the cleanse and restart it later.  Next month I’ll be embarking on a 30 day cleanse, which will consist of 6 days of 2 protein shakes and 1 meal per day a week and then 1 fasting day a week.  When I made it half way through of my first attempt I noticed my snacking habits were better and so was my energy.  For once I’m excited to restrict my eating habits because I know how good it feels.  I hope it will clear my chakra.  Have you done anything drastic to cleanse your spirit?

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