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NewlyNested: Looking for a Father’s Day Gift?


a blogumn by Debra Goykhman

Father’s Day gifts have never been my strong suit, but on top of having to buy gifts this year for my father and father-in-law, I also have to come up with birthday gifts for my husband and father-in-law too.  To add pressure to the gift buying situation all of the events are in a two week span.  I swear men are the hardest people to buy gifts for.  My husband only likes things that cost above $300 and there are only so many times I can give him golf balls, picture frames, video games, and DVDs for Father’s Day.  That is why I was pleasantly surprised by a phone call I received from my little brother.  He said:  “Do you think [your husband] Alan will like talking toilet paper?”  That is when I searched the web for these eight interesting gift ideas:

talkingtoiletpaper1. The infamous talking toilet paper.  For the low price of 14.98 you can have your toilet paper programmed to say anything you want every time you pull a sheet.

2. A remote control hand that can work up to 50ft away!  For just 29.98.

carnivorousgarden3. For those who like The Little Shop of Horrors, a bug eating garden for just 21.98.  Also known as the “Carnivorous Eating Garden.”

4. For those with a green thumb, you can buy a bonsai from for 29.95.

remote15. The Harmony Universal remote by Logitech (a favorite of my husbands).  It can control almost everything (you need an adaptor for the playstation) and has a heavy price at 249.99.  Sometimes you can find the Harmony on sale at

6. For the cook you can purchase an electric turkey fryer.  While grilling tools seem like more of a Father’s Day gift, chances are is your dad already has a set.  An electric turkey fryer is a “manly” kitchen tool and can be used indoors.  There are a variety of choices, but QVC sells the Masterbuilt brand for 129.00.

roku7. For those who like gadgets there is a flying helicopter.  While you might think your man is over model airplanes, this is on a whole other level.  A variety of different types can be purchased from 49.99+ at

8. This gift was a recent purchase by my older brother.  I can’t hear enough about it and it might be a reason to ditch cable.  It’s the Roku which will stream Netflix or Amazon Video on your TV for the reasonable price of 99.99.

Good luck!  And if anyone else has a good Father’s Day gift idea, feel free to share.