NewlyNested: STAYCATION!!! [BEST OF FaN]

It’s funny because last time we picked our favorite blogumn, I picked my first article and this time I picked the first article I wrote for FAN in 2011.  It was an easy choice for me, because I’m still obsessed with the idea of spending Christmas on Coronado Island and even mentioned this to my husband just two days ago.  Now that it’s summer, I think it’s time to embrace a good STAYCATION again!

Originally published 01/04/11

My husband has been asking me to embrace the staycation since we’ve moved to San Diego two years ago.  Finally, this past holiday season I fell into the spirit of a full blown staycation and fell in love with a new part of my city again.

We decided on a staycation this year because neither of us planned our New Year’s weekend in advance.  Starting December 26, I looked into traveling December 29-January 2 and all my efforts to go to Hawaii showed a cost of $3500-$4000for the four day trip — maybe next year.  I was dying for a break.  We’d just had Alan’s family visit for Thanksgiving and mine for Christmas.  That’s when I told Alan “STAYCATION!” on Wednesday night.

For the first time I was planning my weekend in San Diego like I was traveling there.  I was looking up what activities I wanted to do, what restaurants I wanted to eat in and anticipating sleeping and lying in bed (something I love to do on vacation).

We had Indian food, a yummy cheese-centric dinner at a local restaurant, saw Harry Potter, and ended the weekend with a trip to Coronado Island. Coronado Island has actually served as a bit of contention in our marriage.  I love going there and my husband, content in Carlsbad, hates making the 50 minute drive to San Diego’s little island.

Holiday time on the island made me love it even more. As a Jew I have always had major Christmas envy and I discovered that Coronado is like an awesome Christmas explosion of fun.  The island has sleigh riding advertised (although I didn’t see it and from what I understand it wasn’t actually a sleigh ride in the snow, but more like a ride around town).  There was also an ice skating rink overlooking the ocean at The Hotel Del.  On the other side of the island was a beautiful walk overlooking San Diego’s downtown with cute shops to stop in along the way.  Finally there were fully loaded Christmas trees everywhere.  Coronado proved there was plenty of fun to have without the perfect beach weather.  I made a vow to my husband that we are definitely staying for a few days on the island for the holidays one year and fully immersing ourselves in the Christmas spirit.

At the beginning of our staycation I was upset that Hawaii wasn’t going to pan out, but by the end I was so happy to have had time playing around in my own city.  Where did the holidays take you?  Did you go away or stay home and play?

featured image credit: concep007