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NewlyNested: The (Strange) Dog Days of Summer


a blogumn by Debra Goykman

Any one who knows me knows how obsessed I am with animals.  Seriously, I could go on for hours, maybe even days, talking about animals.  People should be warned before they meet me that if they come up and show any interest in my two newly adopted dogs, Tango and Cash, that I will talk off their ear. I’m going to spare you going on and on about my dogs today, but I did want to share some strange animal stories with you.

First, the UK Telegraph ran a bleeding heart piece on two border collies named Bonnie and Clyde.  It turns out Clyde has gone blind and Bonnie is now serving as his seeing-eye dog.  She leads him around wherever they need to go.  Sounds like a typical male/female relationship.  You can check out the full story here.

Second, do you want to learn how to make fish shaped cake with bean paste?  I don’t, but Francis the dog seems to think it’s a culinary delight.  Check out “Cooking With Dog” — you honestly only need to watch the first 30 seconds:

Third, can blue M&Ms help my back problems?  I knew there was a reason I was insanely drawn to only the blue ones.  I’m not sure what to think of this story.  I must admit it’s a bit cruel.  Scientists at The University of Rochester Medical Center dropped heavy weights on rats’ lower backs and then decided to inject them with the same blue dye that’s in M&Ms and Gatorade.  The weird thing is this plan actually worked and the rodents were able to walk again with only two side effects: limping and turning blue (not the Russian kind).  You can check the story out here and ponder: cruel or insanely brilliant?

I’ll end this post by reminding everyone that on August 26th is National Dog Day.  So make a calendar alert to have some fun with your pet or your neighbor’s.