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NewlyNested: Yes, I Actually Got Rid of Cable


a blogumn by Debra Goykhman

When I started graduate school four years ago I moved out into an apartment and lived by myself for the first time.  Without the pressure from others to have cable I was convinced I would try just to buy basic and become a more productive person.  Soon after I moved I received a call from a telemarketer that I actually took.  The man sold me over 100 channels for 25 dollars a month, how could I say no?  I spent a lot of time in graduate school writing at my kitchen table with the sounds of the Food Network in the background.  Then I got married to someone whom I instantly bonded with by talking about movies and television shows, so having cable was a must for us.  Still in the back of my head I wanted to get rid of cable one day, just to see if I could do it.  Finally, last week I convinced my husband that we would be more productive if we got rid of our beloved cable and now it has been six days since we have cut cable out of our lives.

I expected to have to withdraw from television the way I would have to withdraw if I was a coke addict, because television has always been my drug.  My first memory of television was my love for Get Smart on Nick at Night.  Once I was fully addicted to the show they moved its time passed my bedtime.  I wrote a letter to the network telling them that I would appreciate it if they would air my show before 9pm since my mother wouldn’t extend my bed time.  I just recently found out that my mother never mailed my letter.

This time around, it is not I who is having a problem saying goodbye to the television, it’s my husband.  Just the other day he pouted for a good hour because he couldn’t watch his Colbert Report on the big screen.  I am not having that kind of withdrawal.  I work at home, so squeezing in some television on the internet is not as hard for me.    Not having my shows readily available on my DVR has made me reprioritizes my likes and dislikes.  I’ve learned I could care less about catching up with Top Chef, Bethany Getting Married?, and Project Runway, but I still want to keep up with my Mad Men, Damages, Real Housewives, and Men of a Certain Age.

The biggest benefit is that I read and write every day, which was one of my goals. Hopefully I can keep my husband happy with just network television through the fall.  Have you turned off cable yet?  If not, how do you think you’d do without it?


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