No, NBC and Scrubs Can’t Just Be Friends

So you know when you get dumped by someone who doesn’t really appreciate you and you both are like, “We’re still going to be friends.” But then you find someone who does appreciate you, and suddenly that whole friends pledge goes out the window?

Well according to Entertainment Weekly, that’s basically what’s going on with Scrubs and NBC. After years of under promotion and time slot changes, NBC finally let Scrubs go, so that it could be with ABC, who vowed to love it for one last season, ending with a finale, in which every significant guest star from the past eight years was supposed to come through.

But now NBC is saying no dice, and refusing to loan out Masi Oka (Heroes) or Sarah Lancaster (Chuck) for the final episode. Alas.

Well, at least we still have E.R. — wait, what do you mean George Clooney’s not coming back for the final season???