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No Spoilers, Please [Dear Thursday]

There’s this thing that used to happen to me all of the time in my 20s. I’d be on the street with a friend or sometimes just walking around a store, when a woman would approach me, tell me she was a psychic and that she was getting a very interesting reading off of me. Would I like her to read my aura or my palm or just my general being for [insert small amount of money here]? Being cynical down to my very core, I always answered no. Not just because I believed I was being hustled (sadly, I’m one of those people who believes that any stranger who approaches me about anything, even directions, is a potential hustler), but also because I don’t like spoilers, whether they be fictional or IRL.

“Thank you, but I don’t want to know,” I’d tell these possibly real, possibly fake psychics, then I’d go’on about my business. The truth is, whether the end of the story is good or bad, I just want to be surprised.

But how about you? Have you ever been to a psychic? Did what they predicted turn out to be true? Or do you, like me, prefer to live spoiler-free?