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Notes from a Nester: Can I Have Your Nest?


a blogumn by Debra Barlow
Pedro Moura Pinheiro
Pedro Moura Pinheiro

The house hunt is still on and as my belly gets larger and the pile of baby stuff continues to grow, I get really nervous that we will not make it into a larger space in time for the arrival of our little one.

There is a prospect – one that I’m too superstitious to talk about and too worried about Google leading the prospective seller to this blog (if you do find it, take pity on a young knocked-up couple!) to divulge too many specifics.

The main point is:  there would be a room for our little girl.  Just for her. She wouldn’t have to share with us or the office or various visiting relatives.  And now, I want so badly to make that a reality for her.

Of course, with the prospect of an entire room devoted to all things baby comes increased desire for shopping!  A lot of things that I had dismissed as not absolutely necessary I am revisiting with a new eye.

Now that she won’t be crammed in a drafty corner of our tiny bedroom, it seems like maybe we should have a rocker.  Besides, all my friends are doing it! (Does that still apply after the age of 16?  I really think it should.) The idea of sitting in a comfy chair in the corner of her nursery while I sing off-key lullabies and rock her to sleep is all of a sudden very appealing.  Of course, this fantasy is built on a house of cards at the moment, but I’m choosing to ignore that while I daydream about paint colors and rugs.

My other new potential homeowner obsession is landscaping.  I’ve never cared much about gardening, but the idea of having a place to grow my own vegetables and herbs is very appealing.  This fantasy house doesn’t have much in the way of green space, so I’ve been dreaming about what I would do to create some space for grass and plants.  I know it’s not a project I can tackle immediately, what with limited ability to bend down or stoop at the moment.  Still, I daydream about having an excuse to get outside and work.

So fingers crossed, everyone, that things work out and a month from now I have my baby room, my yard and a new nest to call my own.