Notes From A Nester: Why We Can’t Have Nice Things Nov18

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Notes From A Nester: Why We Can’t Have Nice Things


A blogumn by Debra Barlow

Something about the prolonged Los Angeles summer this year has me feeling in a not very nesty mood lately.  My house is actually quite disgusting, if I’m being honest.  Sunday, I spent most of my morning weeding through three weeks of newspapers that had accumulated by my front door.  I only subscribe for the coupons (who doesn’t love coupons?) and I spent about an hour happily clipping  while sipping my morning coffee.   That was about the only chore I could muster the energy to complete.  I thought about vacuuming.  Or doing laundry.  But between the heat and the smoke in the atmosphere, all I wanted to do was crawl into bed and watch cheesy movies.  That’s when I noticed it:  a huge tear in my duvet cover.  It wasn’t too hard to figure out where it came from.  The culprit was napping at my feet.

Who Me?

Who Me?

Cats are fantastic pets, but I’ve come to the conclusion that I can never own anything really nice as long as I have them in the house.  My cats aren’t that bad – they don’t claw the furniture or anything.  It’s damage caused by general feline antics.  The couch is pilled from their claws just walking over it.  The buffet in my dining room has a scratch in the wood from a mistimed jump.  And the tear in the duvet cover is the product of a play fight between the two of them.   The same can be said for the pulls in my bath towels, the broken wine rack, the now-lopsided rattan chair in my bedroom…you get the idea.  Reading the list of grievances, I realize I do have extremely klutzy kitties, but still — it’s frustrating!

I love the cats much more than any of these things, but I do want a home that looks presentable (assuming I ever cleaned it, that is).  So, fellow fierce and nerdy cat owners, we know there’s no stopping the cats from misbehaving, what do you do to keep your home looking nice?  Any go-to fabrics you use or any methods for keeping things looking new?  Leave your solutions in the comments.