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Oh, and hey, did I mention I got LASIK? – Bloggin’ on the ETC [BEST OF FaN]

I know, I know — I’ve had much more inspirational pieces here on Fierce and Nerdy, but strangely enough, this is the one I get asked about the most in real life. So just in case you’re considering getting LASIK and didn’t see this the first time around…

Because I totally did for a number of reasons:

1. My daughter kept snatching and throwing my glasses at the worst times. One time she threw them while we were out on the street, and I had to figure out how to keep her from running into traffic and find my glasses at the same time. Keep in mind I’m blind as a bat without them. Luckily a passerby picked them up for me, but it was chilling moment in both child-rearing and glasses wearing.

2. I had grown to hate the fuss of contacts. I kept meaning to go back to contacts after my daughter was born, but never did, accept for special events and vacations. After three years of glasses wearing went by, I kind of knew contacts were no longer an option.

3. I read and watch a lot of post-apocalyptic content, and I was becoming increasingly aware, that if some world-as-I-know-it-ending ish down, I would be completely effed if I lost my glasses.

4. I could.

#4 was the main reason I ended up going through with it. I consulted for LASIK back in 2007 and was told my corneas were too thin for the procedure. Five years later, I got to wondering if my corneas had improved given the fact that I no longer wore contacts and therefore didn’t rub them nearly as much as I used to. As it turned out, the cornea requirements aren’t as rigorous these days, because now the entire procedure is done with lasers. Also, just as I suspected, my corneas were a lot better, because I had stopped rubbing my eyes so much. I went in for my consultation on Thursday, March 8, and got the procedure done the following Tuesday.

One of the possible risks listed in the paperwork you sign is “Death,” which is alarming. But I suspect this is because people code out during the procedure. LASIK doesn’t hurt, but it does go against pretty much every biological instinct you have. Even with a Xanax, my heart beat like a rabbit’s the entire time. I think the part where they vacuum your eye alone is enough to induce a heart attack. My primal instincts told me to fight, to protect my eyes at any cost. But the doctor was telling me (in the rather soothing tones that I usually associate with veterinarians) to be calm and stay still. I can’t remember ever having such a physiological conflict between reason and primal instinct. So no, it doesn’t hurt, but…

The big con is that it’s taking me a while to get used to the way I look without glasses. CH has had to do a lot of reassuring in terms of looks. Though, I wore contacts for quite a while before switching back to glasses, I’d come to really love the way I looked in glasses. I liked walking into the room and being immediately pegged as a nerd. After over three years of glasses-wearing I worried that LASIK made me look “regular.” I didn’t quite realize what a huge part of my identity glasses had become until I no longer needed them.

But the huge pro of LASIK is that I can now see without glasses. What freedom! It’s been lovely not having to fuss around with them, and it has also expanded my wardrobe choices, because I don’t have to worry that certain items won’t look good with my purple glasses. I’m looking forward to adding swimming laps (which had become sort of impossible with my prescription and substandard sense of orientation) to my exercise routine. And, I’m also loving wearing sunglasses on a regular basis.

I’m very interested in hearing from other people who have either gotten or are considering LASIK. Are you still happy with your decision? Do you miss your glasses? Let me know in the comments.

Meanwhile here’s the Before and After: