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Oh, It’s Tuesday

Wassup everybody. I’m back in town, a little more well-rested. Happy to have our first full official day of blogs behind us.

However, I’m still feeling a little dirty two days after watching Failure To Launch on TBS on Sunday. Please don’t judge me. I wanted to watch the purity-ring-scandalized VMA’s, but the Long Beach hotel that I was holed up in all weekend, didn’t have MTV — or room service. I basically had no choice. It was like someone was holding a gun to my head, and I basically had to watch while eating half of a supreme media from Pizza Hut. Now I love me some SJP, but Failure To Launch really is as cliche and senseless and awful as everybody has been saying it is for like 2 years now. Why didn’t I listen? Oh, why didn’t I listen?!?!

Anyway, this is all to say that today is Tuesday, so we’re going to be getting a little political and also doling out some (hopefully good, but at the very least) thoughtful advice and words of wisdom.

That all said, how are you? Sad that it’s Tuesday, and that Friday is still super-way-off?

Yeah, me too…

Just so we don’t end on a bummed out note, here’s a picture of Fierce And Nerdy Contributor and artist, Missy Kulik, in a Hello Kitty headdress after the jump. Hello Missy!