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Oh, It’s Tuesday: A Week Without Childcare [Day 2]

Photo Credit: scion_cho

So I cleaned the kitchen yesterday … and the dining room … and our bedroom … and ┬áthe nursery. If you know me IRL, you probably just fell out of your seat, since my somewhat infamous philosophy on cleaning is this:

You only need to clean when

1. Not doing so would cause a potential health hazard.

2. Not doing so would attract critters.

3. You need to find something.

4. Somebody is coming over.

I consider doing so for any other reason than those listed above a form of procrastination, since there is always something better and more productive that I could be doing with my limited time.

Yeah, I know, that’s probably the exact opposite of how most women feel, but really the point of all of this is to say, that I never, ever clean outside of these four reasons. Ever.

But as it turns out, cleaning is the perfect activity when you have a crawling kid, and need to kill a few hours. It’s a fun way to talk and “play” with her, while feeling productive yourself. Each room gives both of you new stimuli, and it’s a great way to figure out what all needs to be childproofed in the rooms that your baby doesn’t visit as often. (CH, if you’re reading this, remind me to remind you about childproofing our bathroom cabinet).

Anywho, Day 1 wasn’t so bad. We’ll see how tonight goes with the first non-related babysitter Betty’s had since last November. Fingers crossed.