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Oh, It’s Tuesday: All the Bailout You Can Handle

So if you’re like me, you’ve been having trouble figuring out just why we supposedly “have to” bailout Wall Street or just how we got here.

Well This American Life ran a wonderful, if disheartening breakdown about the whole situation this weekend. And it was so informative that I could probably now hold my own at a party. Though, if I were at a function where I felt the need to hold my own about the bailout, that would probably be a really lame party. Anyway, when you have an hour, check out the easy-to-understand expo here.

Or if you can’t/don’t have time to listen at work, Caveat Emptor ran a great 5-point breakdown of This American Life’s breakdown here.

And furthermore, if you’re and artist or a do-gooder and you’ve been having trouble getting up a good case of Schadenfreude as far as your make-money and greed-is-good counterparts are concerned, Judith Miller explains why you’re feeling that way really well here. Special thanks to the Anonymous Smithie at My, You Have Really Put On Weight! for hepping me to this op-ed piece.


Question for our Grammarphiles: is “And furthermore” repetitive?


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