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Oh, It’s Tuesday: Almost as Annoying as Layoffs

legolayoffSo there are a few things that I hate about these mass layoffs.

1) That people are losing their jobs.

2) That many of the people that haven’t lost their jobs are being way overworked. Now most people I know were already overworked before the recession, and now they’re suffering through twice the work at the same pay — in some cases less. And if that weren’t bad enough,

3) Companies have started pulling egregious stuff like demanding that female business employees wear heels and make-up, track their productivity to the nth degree, and cutting out staff appreciation days — yes, you’re doing more work than ever, but it’s too expensive for me to show you any gratitude for it. I doubt they’d have the nerve to even try this stuff if the economy weren’t so bad and employees could actually quit without fear of starving.

It’s one thing to make layoffs — it’s another thing to take advantage of your remaining employees. Ranh.

. photo credit: woodly wonderworks