Oh, It’s Tuesday: Are You Still Getting Your Nails Done?

manipediI found this NYT article on how manicure salons are faring in the recession really interesting..

Apparently, there are two types of recessionistas in this world: those that either stop or space out their manis because of the recession and those that don’t.

I started getting regular manis after CH proposed, b/c it seemed like the best way to showcase the engagement ring, which blinded into an uncharecteristic fit of girliness for the first few months. Then I got acrylics, because I kept on chipping my nail polish like two days after I would get them painted and acrylics look better longer. Then I got the acrylics taken off b/c  1) I didn’t have time to get them refilled every two weeks, and 2) it seemed kind of silly to spend money and time I didn’t have on getting them refilled every week.

So nowanddays I paint my own finger and toenails — mostly during the summer — and I save the nail salons for special occasions. For example, I’ll probably be hitting up the one down the hill from our house for mani and an eyebrow wax before I leave for my St. Louis baby shower.

However, I don’t knock women who have insisted on keeping up their biweekly mani-pedi schedule b/c they feel that looking good will help them get through the recession. Mani-pedi are very meditative — even U.S. soldiers think so. And I think we all need our little treats. I still buy new music iTunes every Tuesday, even though, I technically no longer need to keep up with the latest music now that I’m no longer writing about it.

Before I quit my job, Tuesdays used to hold a special thrill for me, and I couldn’t wait to see what surprising things I would find in the iTunes new music sections. So I hold on to that luxury. As far as luxuries go, it’s not exactly cheap (I spend about $100 a month on new music), but it’s not insanely expensive, and I suspect I would get really depressed if I had to do without it.

So three questions: 1) Are you still getting your nails done? and 2) What small luxuries have you held on to throughout the recession? and most importantly, what color do you think I should paint my nails for my baby shower? I’m wearing a black and burnished gold kimono dress and don’t think my usual electric blue will go with it.

Read more about the recession era mani-pedi here.


flickr.com photo credit: Paula Steele