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Oh, It’s Tuesday: Back to Being a Nerd Again

nerdySo last night, I got home and immediately slipped back into being a nerd. I took my contacts out of my dry eyes and thought about consulting with a doctor about Lasik again. Last time I was told that I was shackled to glasses and contacts for another year or so, b/c my corneas were too thin, but that was two years ago. Maybe they’ve gotten thicker.

I threw my disposable contacts into the toilet. I probably won’t be wearing contacts again til April, b/c of the dry eye situation, but I tell people it’s because I like to wear my glasses in the winter and my contacts when it’s warm. I got a really cool pair of glasses right after Betty was born. They’re vintage, silver and very tame Elton John. Unfortunately, they sit a little too close to my face, so my sensitive skin protests everytime I wear them. I’ll have to go get them adjusted. Sooner than later if I want to wear them in my author photo. Should I wear them in my author photo? We’ll see.

I wish I could still fit in the shirt that I wore in my old “nerdy” mood photo. I love it, and I’d totally rock it for my author photo, which I need to take right about now, but I’ve still got 40 pounds to go til I’m at that weight, so I guess I’ll wear something else.

After I put on my glasses, I started applying creams. There’s the dermatitis cream I purposefully left behind, mistaking it’s working as a reason not to bring it, only to be burned by dry scalp issues towards the front of my hair line throughout most of the vacation. Then I put on the cream that controls the dry skin around my nose. I have an appointment with my dermatologist about the adult acne that’s come back big. Now that I’m done with breastfeeding, I should be able to get aggressive with it. We’ll see about that, too.

There’s a book I’m fixing to review on Thursday in which the narrator says pretty near the beginning that she wants the ex-BF she hates to get saddled with a wife that was fat, had adult acne, and halitosis. I felt pretty bad after reading that, like I was reading a book about one of the girls that had made fun of me in grade school. I finished it anyway, b/c it was well-written. And last night, I thought to myself, “You really have to get on that flossing resolution” — but not that night. I was too tired. CH’s ex-GFs should feel awesome about themselves.

The cushioned husband that I use to write in bed was waiting for me after I came out of the bathroom. And my real husband had kindly already pulled my computer out of the suitcase and left it on the bed in its orange sleeve.

I climbed into bed and opened my laptop to work on this post and only then did I truly feel like I was at home. Back to being a nerd again.

Thank goodness.