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Oh, It’s Tuesday: Breaking Up On Display

brokencandyheartSo as you may or may not have sussed out by now, I adore break up stories, and that’s why I found this item on the traveling “Museum of Broken Relationships,” which just opened in Singapore all sorts of fascinating.

So far, the museum has visited Croatia, London, Berlin, and now Singapore. At each stop, the museum picks up new items. In Berlin, an ax used by a woman to break up her ex-girlfriend’s furniture was on display next to a wedding dress, and in Singapore, a woman donated her “tear-soaked teddy bear,” the only remainder of her failed romance with a Chinese man, to the museum’s cause.


Now my friends used to make fun of me for getting rid of absolutely everything once a relationship is over: gifts, books, all sorts of things. I once threw out a favorite dress because I wore it so much with a boy that hadn’t worked out and he had particularly liked it. And the reason I didn’t have a TV when I met CH was because I had thrown the one that my last ex-boyfriend had given me in the dumpster behind my apartment building. I just felt it was bad ju-ju to keep stuff like that. So I wouldn’t have anything to give to the museum if it came to Los Angeles. But I would pay to get into the exhibit. And if I still had it, I ‘d definitely give them that TV.

What would you give to a “Museum of Broken Relationships? Let us know in the comments, and you can visit the museum online here.

. photo credits: bored-now