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Oh, It’s Tuesday: Does Being a Geek Make Me Annoying?

girlgeekcupcakeSo have you seen the “Geek Dad” Wired Blog in which he list the 10 Annoying Habits of a Geeky Spouse? At first I thought I only had four of the qualities on this list, including…

1) Punning — Anyone who knows me in real life knows that the only thing I love more than wordplay is saying things that aren’t true with a completely straight face — in my opin (and despite what others have told me) there is nothing funnier than either of these kinds of joke. In fact, here’s a recount of the hilarious conversation that CH and I had yesterday morning after breakfast and CNN.

CH (getting up): Well, I’m going to go work out.

ME (getting up): And I’m going to go waddle out.

You see it’s funny because I’m over six-months pregnant, and therefore prone to waddling and also because I, too, was leaving the room. CH didn’t laugh even when I pointed out to him why my pun was terrifically funny. But I don’t care what CH (or most of my friends and family who have outright asked me to stop) says. Puns or high-larious.

2) Dissecting movies — I also do this with music, and have in fact been known to actually miss a song in its entirety, b/c I’ve been so busy holding forth about the the history of the song, what makes it work and what feelings it engenders in the hearts of its listeners.

3) Looking up information while a discussion/argument is still in progress: Seriously, I don’t understand what makes this habit annoying. Isn’t this basically why iPhones were invented? In fact, when arguing about something important – like the exact year and month Prohibition was repealed — CH and I have both been known to whip out our iPhones and “race” for the answer. What’s annoying about that?

4) Needing to watch certain TV shows ASAP to avoid spoilers. Since the beginning of the year I’ve had to chastise no less that three of my Facebook friends for posting TV spoilers for Battlestar and Lost in their status updates. Obvs you can’t wait too long to watch these shows.

And I thought that I only had four of the “annoying” habits on this list, but then upon a second read for this post, I realized that “Geeky projects that take over the house and whole weekends” might have been dismissed, since my biggest geeky project yet, Fierce and Nerdy has taken up way more than a weekend.

And before you go feeling sorry for CH, please know that he also has 5 of the supposedly annoying habits on the list, two of which, I don’t have, including “geeky toys that will be hard to explain to future kids” and “wearing geeky T-shirts to normal places.” Basically, geeks are probably better off marrying geeks — which is why I still can’t root for Leonard and Penny actually getting together on Big Bang Theory, which I dissected for a full 15 minutes last night, b/c they recycled that beloved 80s sitcom plot, in which a character starts a little business. Another character encourages him or her to take that business further, then hilarity ensues when they get an overly large order, which they have to deliver in a very short time. This classic plot works time and time again, b/c it employs two dramatic staples which would be othwise hard to pull off in a sitcom: a clock and high stakes. In the 80’s, this was almost always done with some baked item, but BBT rather cleverly did it with rhinestone flower barrettes. Funny, right?

So of course now I want to know if you or your S.O. have any of these annoying geek habits, which I don’t really find annoying at all, but to each her own (geeky habits) I guess. See the full list here.

. photo credit: Annie Moie