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Oh, It’s Tuesday: Does Name Really Matter?

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So mostly I like our daughter Betty’s handle b/c she is named after my mother. But I also like it b/c I am hoping that like everyone else in my immediate family, she goes into math and/or science.

My name is Ernessa, which is uncommon, b/c I’m named after my father and my mother felt “Ernestine” was just too ugly to bear, so she got creative. My sister’s name is Elizabeth. She’s sorta named after my mother, Betty. Now my father was an accountant and eventually became a teacher. My mother was an accountant. My sister is an engineer. And I’m an artist. See where I’m going with this?

So much of the reason why Betty nor her hypothetical future siblings will be named creatively is because I would not wish a career in art on anyone. Also, my husband has an awesomely nerdy last name. So I think when you combine the elements of old-fashioned first name with nerdy last name, Betty will really have no choice but to pursue a mathematic and/or scientific career … and go to Smith … and marry one of the three boys that I that I have already hand-picked for her (working on future wife picks, too, just in case.) Other than that she’s free to live her life as she pleases — as long as it includes giving me grandchildren.

The point is that I’m convinced that names really do matter. For example I was watching Dreamgirls last night, and I can tell you right now that Effie White’s daughter, Magic, didn’t not go on to become an astronaut. Girls named Magic White just don’t get asked to go into outer space.

But do you think your name influenced your career and/or life path? Let us know in the comments.