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Oh, It’s Tuesday: Does Twilight Have Staying Power?

Photo Credit: Martha Smith

Photo Credit: Martha Smith

When I first read this article about how we should expect more Edwards and Bellas in the future b/c of the successful Twilight franchise, it got me to thinking about how right now the trend seems to be old-fashioned names — at least in my friend-group. In fact, while Betty and I were standing around with the mothers of Liam, Annabelle, and Delilah, I joked that if our kids fell into a time machine, they’d have no problem passing as natural-born citizens of the past.

But more than that, this prediction got me to wondering if Twilight had staying power. I doubt that this book will ever make it into the classroom canon. The story while compelling isn’t exactly great literature. But is the story compelling enough to keep it in the cultural zeitgeist for decades to come? Can I expect Betty to be reading and re-reading her copies of this series in the 2020s? Will my grandchildren still be love it in the 2050s?

My mom didn’t have teenage novels to read when she was a kid, while I thought the Sweet Valley High series would be popular forever. Today kids are in love with Twilight. What YA book'(s) got next?

I firmly believe that the Harry Potter series has the staying power of Lord of the Rings. But does Twilight? I guess we’ll have to revisit this subject when Betty’s 12.