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Oh, It’s Tuesday: Friends Don’t Let Presidents Drink Bud Lite

Photo Credit: Denis Collete
Photo Credit: Denis Collete

Now I’ll give just about any wine a go. And I often answer, “Surprise me” when bartenders ask me if I want a particular brand of scotch, whisky or bourbon. Well drinks? I ain’t hating!

But there is one thing that I don’t truck with and that is bad beer.

So imagine my abject horror when Obama chose Bud Lite for the now infamous “Beer Summit.” Listen I know POTUSes are supposed to sacrifice for country and all that — but Bud Lite??? Seriously, eww!

Even in my most starving and (therefore hard-drinking) artist days, I did not abide Bud Lite. And furthermore, I did my civic duty by making fun of people who did. To their faces! So now I say, “Mr. President, hath ye no pride … or palate?”

Are the hearts of middle America worth letting a terrible concoction that looks like piss and tastes like hops-flavored water pass your lips? Methinks not.

I still don’t understand why President Obama didn’t choose a Sam Adams, since both the professor and the police officer came down from Boston to visit him. Sammie A ain’t great, but it will do in a pinch. I also would have accepted Pabst Blue Ribbon, but Bud Lite? No, no, no. When CH was not drinking with me in solidarity during my pregnancy, I told him he could drink Bud Lite since that wasn’t really beer and in my opin worst-tasting than O’Douls. He passed on that particular offer.

Of course this all begs the question: if you were to have the now-proverbial “beer with the president,” what beer would you choose? When I’m drinking beer unaccompanied, I usually go with a Guinness, but since it’s summer and on the East Coast, I’d say a Stella Artois, and save my beloved Negra Modela for the West Coast barbecues. But how about you? Let us know your beer of choice in the comments.