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Oh, It’s Tuesday: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

MMKV proving that there is coolness after motherhood

MMKV proving that there is coolness after motherhood

So my best friend, MMKV from “Political Physics” cut her hair into a pretty fierce “lockhawk” last Friday. And, of course, this wasn’t a decision that came easily. We talked about it for hours, and from what I can tell she receive tons of counsel from her other friends as well.

You see, when you’re young, changing your hairstyle is a must. I cut off all of my hair at the age of 17, and then changed it up in some sort of way every six months until the age of 21 when I got dreadlocks. And even after that I dyed it and styled it and curled it, so that it felt like a new hairstyle all the time.

Then I hit my 30s. Suddenly I was okay with wearing my dreads strictly straight or in curls. No new styles, no more funky dye jobs. For almost two years straight I wore my hair like that.

Then one day, I washed my hair and couldn’t retwist the new growth. Seriously that’s how it felt. Like I simply couldn’t possibly bear ever putting my hair into the same style again. At first I thought I was just being lazy, but then one week passed. Then two. And when I was facing down a third week straight of wearing hats and bandanas to cover the little afro of new growth that I was letting grow wild, I started looking into dread comb outs.

As it turned out, my 12yo, waistlength dreads were way too long and old for a comb out. Also, I couldn’t find anyone in LA who specialized in them, so even if I cut them down to pick out size, I wouldn’t have any help.

Still, I was loathe to let go of all my hair, so I tried the arduous process of picking them out myself, only to get about a fourth of one dread done after two hours of work.

That’s when I realized that I was either going to have to stick with the same hairstyle or I was going to have to cut all of my hair off. There was no in-between.

Feeling so afraid of making the decision was actually what sealed the deal for me. When had I become so connected to my hair? I wondered. Did I really believe that my attractiveness or unattractiveness resided solely in my hair? How had it come to hold so much power over me?

So I cut it all off. And less than a month after that I quit my job, started my IVF cycle, and got serious about sending out my book. I’m not saying I wouldn’t have done any of that without the big haircut, but I do believe that we carry a lot of memories and emotion in our hair, and that cutting off 12 years worth of hair set me free to make some big moves.

However, I’m once again bored with my hairstyle and thinking about making a big change again. Also, I’m dead curious to see what MMKV will do now that she’s rocking a hawk.

But how about you? Have you ever made a drastic change to your hair? And if so, what inspired it? Were you happy with the results? Sound off in the comments.