Oh, It’s Tuesday: In Defense of the Indefensible: Calling Short Distance

Photo by dnnya17
Photo by dnnya17

So, last night I called my husband on the phone. That wouldn’t be so bad in itself, except he was actually in the same house with me. Downstairs to be exact.

Also, I didn’t just call him once. I called him three times — first to ask him if he had replaced the ink in the printer which went barren on Friday after a long work fax came through(he had not); second to tell him that Staples was closed, so I wouldn’t be able to go out and get ink for the barren printer — could he reroute my laptop to the second printer?; third to ask him to bring me up a Gatorade when he had a moment — you see, not putting time restrictions on my requests makes me feel less lazy when I’m making them.

I know what you’re thinking: But Ernessa, you’re 8 months pregnant, you’re allowed to be lazy.

Yeah, I’ll be the first to admit that stairs are super-no-fun by the third trimester. However, I occasionally called my husband with inner-house request before the pregnancy. And I seriously dream about the day when all houses will be computerized, allowing you to intercom back and forth, so that you can ask your kids to bring you stuff from other rooms through voice command.

In fact, I consider having someone to bring you stuff that you don’t feel like getting up to retrieve yourself one of the best reasons to have kids. And I imagine that I will feel sad after these proverbial children leave for college, because then I will have to do my own fetching.

However, the main point is that I know for a fact that I’m not the only one who sometimes calls her husband rather than getting up herself. I know one couple who IM’s each other while in seperate rooms. And I know that there must be others who email and/or text message each other with their requests and questions. Let me know if you’re one of those people in the comments.