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Oh, It’s Tuesday: In Defense of the Indefensible: Sick of Writing

It’s rather weird being a writer, b/c often you get down and depressed about writing and you think, “God, I don’t feel like writing any more. It’s hard and terrible work, and sometimes it feels like it’s brought me nothing but pain.

So you feel awful for a few days, sometimes weeks, sometimes months, because you’re so very sick of writing. You could throw yourself off a building this revulsion feels so bad. And it soon gets to the point where you have to make a mental list of all the people it would irreparably hurt if you actually did go through with the rooftop dive fantasy. It’s that bad.

And this goes on and on until one day you’re inspired to actually write about being sick of writing.

So you do. And then you feel better.

Go figure.


. photo credit: this is your brain on lithium