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One More Thing Before We Go: Leisure Time? Meh…

Photo Credit: saebaryo
Photo Credit: saebaryo

So according to this study, men have more leisure time than women. I doubt many of us are surprised to hear about this. But I do wonder if there isn’t more to this statistic than simple gender gaps.

I have noticed that while my husband, CH, seems to have more leisure time than I do, I think that might be because he’s actually capable of relaxing. And though I’m already busy with this blog, my part-time editing job, and my novel writing, so far my hope is that I won’t have to give up any of it once Betty is born. The fact is that I’d rather run myself into the ground trying to do everything, rather than try to create more leisure time for myself.

Another problem is that quite a few of my past leisure activities are now work. I write for a living, and  I now consider reading to be a form of continuing education. Really fun continuing education, but education nonetheless.

As you might have already guessed, CH is a lot more relaxed than I am. But the question is, do I want to be laidback? Would I be more happy with more leisure time? I mean, I wrote on my honeymoon, and I started this blog while vacationing in Long Beach.

A lot of Californians talk about finding balance, but I’m not sure if I want to. Most days I’d rather get a lot of shit done than have a life that’s in perfect balance.

But let’s see how I feel about mostly work and less play after a few weeks with a newborn, right?