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Oh It’s Tuesday: Making Money Off of Obama

obama_financeSo like most people, I have found it rather despicable how much money corporations and individuals have been making off of our new president. Coins, Plates, Pepsi ads, T-shirts — and not a penny of it goes to President Obama’s actual campain. Disgusting, just disgusting.

Cue the email from two weeks ago from a co-worker (CW):

CW [paraphrased]: Would you mind writing up eight 60 second Inauguration spots for another radio show that you don’t work for, sponsored by a big-money company that’s willing to throw lots of money at you to write these ads quick like a bunny. I’m asking you to do this b/c you’re the only black writer at our company and I’m really embarrassed about that.

Me (after like 2 seconds of thought): Sure, no problem. I can totally write ’em.

So now it looks like I must add my name to the roster of people who have made money off of Obama. Ah well. At least I voted for him.

So has anyone else made money off of Obama? I’d feel better if I had some company….