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Oh, It’s Tuesday: Pregnant Women Are Smug…

Being on the scared-not-smug side of pregnant women, I find this song fascinating for the same reason that I used to find bridezillas fascinating as an (I hope) pretty low-key bride. Oh, and funnily enough, I’ve met the woman on the left through Chi Chi’s Word Parlor on two occasions — but before I got knocked up, so that’s a relief.

I’ll also say this:

1) I, too, find it annoying when pregnant women decide that the gender and name of their baby-to-be is “secret.” I just don’t understand why you would tell people that you know, but don’t want to tell them. It seems rude.

2) Non-pregnant people, you know you can talk to us pregnant people about something other than being pregnant, right? Most of us work and have lives outside of being pregnant. I’m a little weirded out by how many of my friends start convos off with “So how are you feeling?” these days. Or the ones who just ask me questions about my pregnancy. a) I don’t want to bore you by actually answering these questions truthfully, and b) I still go to movies, listen to NPR, write and read — general conversation is fine. In fact, I would be impressed with the friend or stranger who came up to me at a party and started talking to me about something other than my pregnancy. I think most pregnant women would.

Photo by Jurgen Fauth
Photo by Jurgen Fauth

3) I find it annoying when people who aren’t pregnant generalize all pregnant women as boring and/or smug. I’m sorry that we’re not as interesting as we used to be. We’re kind of dealing with a huge life change, and many of us don’t have time to prepare for a baby, work and live up to your expectations of what an interesting person should be like.

Also, you know who else can be boring and smug: War Vets, and we just celebrated Memorial Day while there’s absolutely no commemoration for all of the women who have died in childbirth. Some people might not consider that a comparison, but women volunteer to risk their lives all over the world every day in order to replenish the population (and even you doomsayers have to admit that this is necessary. We’d go to hell in a handbasket if women suddenly just upped and stopped volunteering to have and raise babies). In fact, someone probably volunteered to bring you into the world. And the death rates for this volunteer force are pretty high compared to the death rates of U.S. soldiers. So cut pregnant women a little slack.

4) That all grumbled, I want to thank the general population for being so very nice to pregnant women. I don’t think this is acknowledged enough. Being pregnant has really made me love the human population as a whole much, much more. And I’ve often commented to my friends that if everyone treated each other the way most people treat pregnant women then we’d live in a such a lovely world. I think that pregnancy has made me a much better and kinder person. So thanks, People I’ve Encountered, for providing such a great example of how people should treat one another.

5) Though I don’t agree with the generalizations put forth in this song, there’s no denying that it is hilarious. Enjoy!

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