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Oh, It’s Tuesday: Recession Today, Better People Tomorrow?

So not to be Pollyanna or dismissive about the economic crisis that our nation is facing right now, but I can’t help but wonder if we will come out better people on the other side of this depression.

After all The Great Depression led to all sorts of social programs, including social security, farm aid, and of course most importantly of all, the repeal of prohibition laws.

I can only wonder at what fantastic ideas we might come up with today, now that we are perhaps even more compassionate and intelligent than pre-Civil Rights Americans.

I aslo think about how our parents used make fun of the older, more miserly generation that came before them, and were sometimes frugal to the point of absurdity.

I used to laugh when I heard of older adults who re-used paper towels or always opted for the cheapest, generic brands. Now, I think that they might have gotten it right, and I hope to achieve such levels of thriftiness, so that I can live that much better when I’m older.

And I can already see that friends and family are cutting back all around me, making better choices for their wallet and spending more time at cheaper, but-no-less-quality activities. And there’s nothing wrong with that right?

How many people will now decide to pursue their dreams or abandon Wall Street in favor of careers that actually mean something? I hope a lot of people will go this route.

I mean if we have to go through this right now, isn’t it nice to suppose that we might become all-around better people because of it?


Image Credit: Laura Fairbrother/