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Oh, It’s Tuesday: The Perfect Cuppa Tea

Photo Credit: Balakov

Photo Credit: Balakov

So I’ve recently made the switch from a glass of wine with after-dinner TV to a cup of tea. Wine tastes great and makes me happy, but it’s also 125 calories a glass and it encourages me to say yes to my MIL’s homemade gelato, even if I don’t have any calories left for the day. So new rule, I’ve started drinking a cuppa tea whenever I have a hankering for a glass of wine.

I’ve also started drinking green tea to make sure that I’m both comforted and alert during my daily writing sessions. And for the most part, I’ve loved getting into the habit of tea. I’ve always wanted to be a tea person, and now I am. The only problem is that I’ve yet to find the perfect cup of night time tea.

I’m perfectly happy with my caffeinated strawberry rooibos and pomegranate green teas before five pm, but so far I haven’t found something that is both fruit-infused and BOLD for the decaf hours. Chamomille’s so bland. Mint is just not minty enough. I found this sweet and spicy tea from Good Earth, but drinking it feels a bit like drinking a pale imitation of chai. Is there anything such as a BOLD-but-herbal tea? If so, I would love to hear your recommendations. I fear that if I don’t find a good tea soon, the bottles of wine that keep calling to me whenever I wander past them after 8pm just might win.

Don’t let the wine win. Recommend a tea I can love!