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Oh, It’s Tuesday: What Music Are You Looking Forward To?

So back in December I heard “Rolling in the Deep” by Adele for the first time while writing in a cafe. Being a nerd, I used my Shazam app to identify the song, then I went to iTunes and pre-ordered the album without even looking at the release date. Then I proceeded to become increasingly obsessed with “Rolling in the Deep” to the point that I now just play it on repeat during emotional scenes while writing. I’m finishing up the second book, which in my case entails a ton of back-to-back emotional scenes, so I’ve literally been listening to one song for hours and hours on end, while waiting for the full album to release.

Finally a few weeks ago I went back to iTunes to check to make sure that the album hadn’t come out yet. iTunes always sends me an email when one of my pre-orders become available, but maybe I missed it, I thought, I hoped. How appalled was I then to see that the album wouldn’t be coming out until February 22??? This felt like eons aways, and I felt angry at Adele for releasing her terrific single over four months before the actual album. That’s like Kanye West lag time.

Anyway, yesterday, while finishing up my book about Smithies living and dating in LA and once again listening to “Rolling in the Deep” on repeat, I posted the following tweet/status update: Can Adele just push her 2nd album release date up to like now, so that I can stop listening to “Rolling in the Deep” on repeat already?

Lo and behold, a fellow Smithie, Layla Riviera, hepped me to the fact that the entire album was available HERE on NPR’s “First Listen.” And now in a nice little twist of fate, I’ve gotten what I wanted a week earlier. I’m listening to the album as I write this and it’s one brilliantly-sung effed-up love song after another — just the way I like it. Ah, bliss…

This got me to thinking that I should call out all of the artists that released albums back in 2007-2008 (around the same time as Adele), that still haven’t come out with new albums. You know, put it out there in the universe, and maybe I’ll get more follow-up albums sooner than later. I’ve already pre-ordered the new Lykke Li, which will release on March 1, 2011. But Santigold, Black Kids, TV on the Radio, and Feist, I’m looking at you to release music in 2011.

Any other music lovers out there? If so, what albums are you looking forward to or wanting to hear in 2011? Meanwhile here’s “Rolling in the Deep,” just in case you’ve been unlucky in music and have not heard it yet.