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Oh, It’s Tuesday: Why There Will Be No DVR Alert Today

Now, I don’t want to call Wednesday a bad night of TV programming, but the only thing I have in my notes for the DVR Alert for Wednesday is “Gary Unmarried: SKIP IT,” so there you go.

I will say this, though. I loved Carpoolers. It was fun and quirky, and one of the guys from Kids in the Hall, my favorite Canadian sketch show of all time was the executive producer. That got cancelled for reasons I still don’t full understand — okay writers strike and no viewers — but my point is that it was a good show that got cancelled before it had a chance to find its audience.

I can already tell from the previews that Gary Unmarried is a bad show that will probably be given chance after chance before it finally dies. But maybe CBS will surprise me and cancel it after one deadly unfunny episode. Either way, I won’t be setting my DVR for Gary Unmarried.

Plus, every time a sitcom gets made about guy who divorces his wife of 15 years (Paula Marshall), and replaces her with a younger, hotter woman (Jaime King), a female angel loses her wings. At least that what it says in the bible.

Anyway, more politics, opinion and advice coming up. Keep on checking back throughout the day.