Oh, It’s Tuesday: Would You Go With DR. WHO? Jul13

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Oh, It’s Tuesday: Would You Go With DR. WHO?

I’ve been challenging myself to take on challenges lately. Take for example, today’s signing at the NAACP convention Author’s Pavilion. I knew that as a new author with a hardcover, I wouldn’t be seeing much action at my signing booth. But I challenged myself to stay off of my iPhone, stand up, and be present for those that passed by my booth. And what a great decision, I ended up passing out a bunch of postcards, networking and laughing with several people, and I even sold a book! I’m feeling like I’m one step closer to taking the DR. WHO Challenge.

What is the DR. WHO Challenge you ask? Well, simply put, if Dr. Who invited you to go along with him in his space machine, would you go? To a certain extent, I don’t think this is a fair question to ask myself. I have a husband and a child, I couldn’t risk my life for adventure. But if those elements weren’t in play, I would still find it hard to climb aboard the Tardis, just because the possibly dying bit would scare me out of visiting different places and times and exploring different galaxies, no matter how fascinating I find the idea.

So I’d like to be a good DR. WHO companion, but the truth is, I’d probably cower in a corner if presented with any real action. Same goes for real life. I find myself shying away from opportunities to meet new people because I’m shy. I never think I’m up to the challenge of mingling with people I don’t know. And as far as handselling my book goes. Well, when I hear that story about E. Lynn Harris selling his first self-published book out of his car trunk, I shudder and think to myself: I could never do that.

However, lately it’s occurred to me that when I say things like “I could never do that,” what I really mean is that “I haven’t done that. Yet.”

So would I climb aboard the Tardis if I wasn’t a wife and mother? My new answer is Yes. Yes, I’ll climb aboard that Tardis and yes, I’ll handsell my book — even if it scares the bejeezus out of me.

But what about you? Do you think you would agree to travel through space and time with Dr. Who?