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On a Jet Plane/Finishing My Book [Dear Thursday]

Sorry for the lack of book reviews lately. We’re in serious overhaul mode, preparing to launch a whole book review department in September-Octoberish. Also, I’m putting the finishing touches on my second novel, which I’m determined to get off my computer by this weekend. Which brings us to the main point of today’s post: What do you do on planes?

Me? I read for about 30 minutes, then I write until the captain tells me to turn off all my electronics, at which point I pull out a magazine. In my opinion there’s no better place to write than on a plane. There’s just something about hurtling through the sky in a hunk of metal that allows me to get all sorts of work done.

But how about you? What do you do on planes? Read? Watch the in-flight movie? Or do you, like me, use plane rides as mile-high office space? Sound off in the comments!

featured image credit: Gudrun Cram-Drach