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One Fish, Two Fish [Fierce Foodie]

This is a recipe from one of my dearest and nearest friends, L. Fusco. For more than four years, L. has been on a heroic journey to remove processed sugar from her life. She has recognized that while other people can eat one or two or three Swedish fish and be happy, she has to eat one or two or three pounds of Swedish fish to be happy. Since meeting the love of her life, Sherri, who also happens to be an amazing vegan cook, L. has embarked on an organic, gluten-free, processed sugar-free, vegan lifestyle and has never felt better. I am happy for her because she has learned the secret to food: eat what you know your body needs.  Some people can handle processed sugars and some people can’t, even in small amounts.  Some people need meat and potatoes and some people need tofu and brussel sprouts. To each is own is my food motto.

While I dearly love sugar, I don’t love the inevitable crash afterwards. If you are like me and looking to lower your sugar intake, but still want something yummy in the morning to get you going, try these delicious homemade breakfast bars full of nutty protein and yummy dried fruit. They are easy to make and compared to the breakfast bars in the store, a cost-saver too!

L. and Sherri’s Homemade Breakfast Bars of Love

1 lb dates, preferably fresh – must pit before processing
1/2 lb mix of nuts – peanut, walnuts, almonds – all salted, preferably
2 tbsp unsweetened peanut butter (just peanuts and salt)
optional: unsweetened dried fruit or fruit leather pieces

Process nuts until powdery.

Process 1/4 lb of dates at a time until it forms a ball of goop. Scoop out goop and repeat until you have 4 balls of date goop.

Add powdered nuts to dates and then put it all back in and process.

Add in optional fruit.

In square Pyrex, drop in mixture and press until covering entire container (a bacon press is helpful for this).

Refrigerate and enjoy.

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featured image credit: shutterbean