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File This Under: Football and Kitties — Our Two Favorite Things Better Together


Sooo weird. I was just commenting on Nate B’s “Deep Into Sports” blog that as a St. Louis native, I think of the Arizona Cardinals as that useless boyfriend that we (understandably) broke up with, only to have him finally make something of himself many years later after he got together with our former BFF (Kurt Warner) — who also got a little useless when he was quarterbacking for The Rams.

Of course, I’m cheering for the new boyfriend (acquired during my grad school years in Pittsburgh), who’s treated me well throughout the years, but still it feels weird to have the two meet on such a public stage.

That all said, GO STEELERS!! And if you haven’t heard our awesome Superbowl fight song, check it out below:



Photo Credit: Missy Kulik – Photo Model: Her cat, Nilla