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One More Thing Before We Go: A Good Reason To Gain Weight

Did you know that gaining a little more weight as you get older helps you look — well, less old after 40? I know that this is certainly true in my family. Yes, we have the whole black don’t crack thing going for us, but I’ve noticed that my thin aunts, who are now in their 60’s look a little older than my weightier aunts who are around the same age. And I’ve also noticed that too-thin celebrities often look a lot older than their weightier counterparts. So I guess it comes down to whether you’d prefer to be super-thin or incredibly youthful.

Also keep in mind that thinness is only one youth killer. Much worse: smoking, not wearing sunscreen, and divorce. No I’m not kidding about that last one. Read more about this fascinating subject here.


Twins of a Certain Age


Photo Credit: Time Magazine