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One More Thing Before We Go: Baby Bangs [FaN Favorites]

Betty was born w/ a full head of hair, so I never had to prove my stated conviction never to buy my baby Baby Bangs.

From March 18, 2009

Apparently, there are actually people out there that feel that their hair-challenged babies need a little help, hence forming a market for Baby Bangs, which Before-and-Afters babies as seen below. I’m curious about the kind of mother that would make her little girl wear Baby Bangs. I suspect she is the same kind of woman that gets her grade-schooler a weave, you know, right before entering her into the local beauty pageant.

But maybe I’m just being insensitive. Both my sister and I were born with full heads of hair, so I never knew the pain of being a less than fully afroed-out baby. Still, I know I won’t be buying this for Betty, even if she’s bald and everyone assumes she’s a boy. Would you get Baby Bangs for your child?