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One More Thing Before We Go: Bookshelf Dealbreakers

I found this Jezebel article on women and men who will break up with potential mates based on their bookshelves intriguing.  I think that if I had had walked into CH’s home and found his office bookshelf full of Louis L’Amour novels, instead of Art texts, poetry, Kurt Vonnegut, and Harry Potter, I probably wouldn’t have held it against him. Back when I was dating, I was just happy if a guy read, period. In many ways I feel that reading is a solitary activity, so it doesn’t matter if CH enjoys the same books that I do. Though, pre-Kindle I did enjoy passing on books to him that I thought he’d like, and I do love that we both majorly enjoy reading books by hotel pools. That makes vacations much easier to plan and will probably transfer nicely when our future kids get old enough to take places.

But how about you? Do you have any Bookshelf Dealbreakers? And what are they?


. photo credit: K Santos