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One More Thing Before We Go: BSG DVR Alert and Starbuck of Arc

Just in case you somehow managed to miss the last season of television’s best show (now that “The Wire” has retired), Sci-Fi is broadcasting season 4 of Battlestar Galatica in it’s entirety, starting at 11:30AM Eastern this Friday. This will all be capped off with first episode of Season 4.5 at 10PM Eastern. My birthday also happens to be this Friday, so I’m assuming that the powers-that-be arranged all of this as a gift to moi. Either way I plan to unwrap my present on Friday with many cries of “Thank you, BSG!”

Also, Howard from “Belly of the Whale” sent me this clever item from “Strange Brew,” comparing Starbuck to Joan of Arc. I thought of her more as Aaron from the Bible, with the dying president as Moses, but this works for me, too.



[Photo Credit: Strange Brew]